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PGCA club meeting September 24 2021 Fogelsville PA
07/25/2021 02:04 AM

There will be a get together of the PGCA on Sept 24th 2021 at the Lehigh Valley Comfort Suites in Allentown / Fogelsville PA (Comfort Inn Lehigh Vally West, Allentown, PA. Fogelsville exit I-78 and Route 100. Phone 610-391-0344). We will post details later as we get reservations made. We plan on a meeting room at the motel that we can open by 3PM in the afternoon for a swap meet. Buy, sell, trade. The PGCA and club members will work to make this a great get together and to provide a fun forum for collectors to get together. Also between the trading and selling at the hotel and the always fantastic selection vendors will have at the Renninger Kutztown PA flea market that weekend (Friday Sept 24 and Saturday Sept 25) – the opportunity to grow your collection will be fantastic. Watch for details and save the dates.

PGCA Annual Meeting Saturday 7PM May 15 Columbus Ohio
03/21/2021 03:04 PM

The Annual PGCA meeting for 2021 will be Saturday May 15 , 2021 at the Best Western located at 1133 Evans Way Ct in Columbus OH in Conjunction with the Springfield Extravaganza with glass vendors in the Youth Building that weekend and plenty of room hopping at the motel. NOW is the time to reserve a room – the number is 614-870-2378. Besides all the people set up in the rooms it is looking like another do not miss show for glass collectors at the Springfield Extravaganza. The room rates are $85 a night plus taxes, the PGCA reserved a block of 20 rooms to start. The block for PGCA is reserved from Wed – Sun that’s May 12th thru May 16th 2021. There will be room hopping Friday May 14th and the club meeting on Saturday at 7PM May 15th.

PGCA meeting September 19 2020 Columbus OHIO
09/14/2020 02:29 PM

Welcome To The Annual Meeting
No Friday Night Social This Year
Saturday Evening, Sept. 19, 2020
Outside at Gazebo
If Inclement Weather — In Breakfast Room
Business Meeting at 7:30 p.m.
No Refreshments Provided
Room Hopping
Springfield Antique Flea Market
Carl and Brent Sehnert and Sean Will
are selling glasses

PGCA Annual club meeting in Columbus Ohio Rescheduled to Sept 18 & 19,2020
12/27/2019 02:28 AM

PA-Meeting-Sept25-2019-R3 *** *** *** The ANNUAL PGCA meeting THAT WAS PLANNED for May 13-16, 2020 in COLUMBUS OHIO has been RESCHEDULED for SEPTEMBER 18-19, 2020. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions in Ohio the club cannot have the meeting in May. The PGCA annual meeting is rescheduled for the weekend of September 18 & 19, 2020. The PGCA has reserved a block of 20 rooms for our rescheduled Sept 2020 annual meeting. The block is reserved from Sept 16-19, 2020 AT the Best Western on Evans Way in Columbus,Ohio the number is 614-870-2378 & the rate is $85 day + taxes.
The annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the Sept Springfield Extravaganza being held September 18-20. The club would urge all members to put in your reservations ASAP as the block sold out last year. If we need more than 20 rooms it may be able to expand it but can only hold a max of 20 to start.

PGCA Promotional Glass Collectors Fall PA Meeting Sept 27 2019
08/13/2019 02:26 PM

IMG_0985-smallThere will be a PGCA get together SEPTEMBER 27 2019 FRIDAY in Fogelsville PA (Allentown PA area – off exit at I-78 and Route 100). This is at Comfort Inn Lehigh Vally West, Allentown, PA.
Fogelsville exit I-78 and Route 100. Phone 610-391-0344.
Meeting starts around 6PM Friday. The meeting room on the first floor is reserved from 4PM to 10PM, setup with tables all around the walls for glasses, and chairs in the middle.
The Renningers Kutztown PA antique market is THURS Sept 26 to SAT Sept 28. Thursday and Friday are the best days to go to Renningers in Kutztown PA, some dealers leave before Sat last day of show. Also there are lots of antique malls and shops in the general PA area from Harrisburg/Hershey and then in Adamstown and lots of other areas nearby. Light refreshments will be served and lots of glasses for sale / trade / display / show & tell.

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